FILROX History

  • 1975: FILROX INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. was founded during the leaping phase of Taiwanese industrialization. In the beginning, we manufactured semitubular rivets and screws for hand bag and luggage industries.
  • 1981: We specialized in manufacturing threaded binding posts, bolts, and rivets for bicycling, electronic, cutlery, and furniture products. This became the foundation of our growth and expansion.
  • 1983: Producing patented male and female compression rivets.
  • 1985: We became well known for specializing in making tubular rivets and internally threaded bolts and post with cold heading machines in Taiwan. With excellent quality and on-time delivery, our sales were steadily increased.
  • 1989: We expanded from the Nan Yeau Factory into the new Taiho Facility which more than doubled our capacity. Also, we marched into the international market in Europe, America, the Middle East, Southeast and Northwest Asia.
  • 1990: After installing high-tech multi-process cold headers, our monthly production exceeded 50 million pieces to meet the ever-increasing sales.
  • 1993: Our annual sales broke the 5 million NT dollar. We spent huge resources to meet customized products and improving quality and on-time delivery.
  • 1998: We move to Zhanglu Rd.
  • 2001: We are certified TÜV CERT DIN EN ISO 9001 CERTIFICATE: 44 100 062415.
  • 2012: We are certified TÜV NORD ISO/TS 16949: 2009 and ISO 9001: 2008.
  • 2014: We move to NO.72, LN.216, SEC.1, ZHONGXING RD., HEMEI, CHANGHUA TOWNSHIP beginning from June 30.

Inventions and Patented Products

ISO 9001:2008
ISO/TS 16949:2009

Our Research and Development contribute significantly in the expansion of our company. In addition to streamlining the production and quickening the delivery. Two of the inventions spreading worldwide would be detailed in the following:

  • 1982: Our R&D developed and received a patent for a capped self piercing rivet in Taiwan. This product went on to receive a Silver Medal at IENA 81 (Internationale ausstellung “Ideen-erfindungen-neuheiten” nurnberg 1981) Expo in Germany when it represented Taiwan for the competition.
  • 1994: Our R&D developed a Beryl Bolt Binder File which received patent from USA (patent No. 5,294,226), Germany (Utility Model G93 04 679.0), Taiwan (Patent No.93368).

Practicality, Responsiveness, and Never – Ending Inprovement for Customers.

The industrial development looks like a high-tech exposition. However, from the most advanced defense industry to the toy manufactory, All of them needs the basic common parts such as screw, post, rivet, bolt, nut,…etc. The success or failure of final products are usually depend on those basic parts. Thus, they are dutifully called the “mother” of industry. Lately, technical advancement and quality assurance stimulate the search for better common parts and assembly. Many resources, especially in developed countries, have been poured into refining those common parts by the designed functional and metallographic studies.

To serve people. Never-Ending improvement for customers. Responsible and practical.

FILROX INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. has manufactured those basic parts for 20 years. We have always believed in our corporate principle the “Practicality, Responsiveness, and Never-Ending Improvement for Customers” would enable us to earn your support and cooperation. Together, we will achieve and enjoy a “world quality” product.
  • Regardless how small and common those parts are, they are our line of products. We will diligently provide you with the highest quality products and the most reliable service.。

  • Quality assurance is key to maintain good products. Our company puts persistent effort in reaching the goal of “zero” defects which enables us to supply our customer with the best products.

  • The accuracy and speed are strictly controlled in the production line which allows us to manufacture good products in large quantities and with low cost. Usign the high-tech screw and multiprocess cold headers with automated threader, we produce special rivets, screws, and threaded bolts and posts.