Production equipment

OEM / ODM Manufacturing capacity


The FILROX uses the most precise and advanced High-Tech Multi-Process Cold Header equipment production line from 1-die-2-blow to 6-die-6-blow,   and Automatic Thread Tapping Lines, blind rivets combination machine, and ability to integration up, the downstream satellite factory resource and the ability of technique, as long as the customer provides the design drawing or processes the sample, we can provide OEM/ODM of & quot; the guest makes to turn", "flexibility turn" and"a little amount diversification" to process andquickly develop yield service.




Full range of fastening fastener development capabilities


FILROX industry integrate tightly solid button up a hardware realm of design development experience, develop the design and cold Duan to model the technique ability and automatically attack the tooth technique from the material choices, molding tools ability, go to finished product surface processing, can provide customer's most complete tight firmware product “ All In One “ development solution, with simplification supply chain of the customer, reduce the conveyance cost, help the customer to reduce the cost, shorten to develop time and promote a market competence.



Consistent production line